Install & Setup

We use this section to document all major Ubuntu install and setup procedures. Check this section first before posting questions on our forum. Thanks!

Which to Install and Where to Download

Beside Ubuntu Standard, so far Ubuntu has five official derivatives and a few unofficial derivatives – see here. So which one to pick? We recommend Kubuntu (click here for more information and download links) if you like the KDE desktop system.

However, we find another one that is not listed, not even as unofficial Ubuntu derivative, but is indeed Ubuntu based, it even uses the same GNOME desktop system. It is called Linux Mint (click here for more information and download links). Compared to Kubuntu, Linux Min’t menu arrangement is more similar to Microsoft Windows so you will have a shorter learning curve if you switch from Windows. Another advantage with Linux Mint is, most stuff we depend on daily, e.g. DVD support, flash, sound, etc., is pre-loaded when you install Linux Mint so that you spend much less time setting up things after the installation is completed. So highly recommend that you install Linux Mint first – you may fall in love with it right away 🙂

Better still, Linux Mint has pushed out their first release of Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) which is based on Debian Testing and will be upgraded in a rolling fashion – this means you do not need to re-install the system again like Ubuntu and other versions of Linux Mint. You just install once and the system can be upgraded without any re-install. Cool!

To learn more about LMDE and shorten the learning curve on switching from Ubuntu or other Linux Mint versions, click here to find out this fastest linux system.

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