gColor2 – Handy Color Selector and Picker

Gcolor2 is a simple GTK2 color selector to provide a quick and easy way to find colors for whatever task is at hand. Colors can be saved and deleted as well.

The following are users’ reviews:

cloudgroup (2011.09.22) – Great tool and simple to use, always comes in handy
Squirrel (2011.08.06) – For quick color picking. fewest clicks needed to get the job done of any program like this i have seen.
SjorRekr64 (2011.01.26) – Great, nice small window, more convenient then using a similar online tool.
DaElsta (2010.10.19) – Great, simple and easy to use
Alexio (2010.04.28) – Useful program for web development, it will tell you the color of anything on your screen.