The Best Email Client in Linux

Thunderbird is my favorite email client – I use it on daily basis. The nice thing about it is that it allows me to set up as many email accounts as I want and each email account is separate from others and has its complete set of folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash, Outbox, etc for each account. Also I can create a custom folder within each folder if I want to.

The following are descriptions that come with the application and users reviews:

The Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

10/14/2010 TonyKZ1 Great email client
10/11/2010 Fuzzi99 Like all mozilla apps it’s going downhill with the memory hogging
10/11/2010 frankeinstein Easy to set up and use. has always been my favourite. love the themes and add-ons.
10/10/2010 m4daredsun My favorite e-mail client. simple & friendly
09/18/2010 emuse Simply the best email client! dont use it without lightning plugin, because that plugin is as good as thunderbird itself.
09/16/2010 linux1492 It’s the mail client i choosed to use after plenty of trying. certainly, there is space for improvements, e.g. import function for appointments from ms-office outview. if you are forced to use at work microsoft software, it would be nice to synchronize some of your data, such as appointments with the clients of different oss at home. since thunderbird is lightweight and works fine it is a real improvement for people who have a slow/instable internet connection (e.g. mobile internet in germany). why then not ‘awesome’ for thunderbird? it is not straight forward to set it up to connect to any possible provider. there are thinks to know (e.g. different ports) if you wish to use instead of a google mail account your webmail account from the local provider. it’s a jungle and there are no good man pages for thunderbird on this matter.
09/16/2010 dbpatankar Its good. but can’t use pgp without additional plugin(enigmail). i think this need to be fixed.
09/13/2010 ozos My favorite e-mail client. easy to use and works great.
09/13/2010 shwany Does a brilliant job.

If you do not agree with me, then please post your favorite in the comment area below.