Linux Mint 17 now allowing to upgrade system from within

While installing Linux Mint 17 for a friend, I noticed that it allows one to upgrade the whole operating system from 17 to 17.2 simply by clicking a link!

You can do it from the Update Manager under “View” of the menu. Wonderful!

Now unlike former version, you do not have to upgrade the system by burning DVD from an image file and re-installing the whole system from scratch.

Now this free and open-source Linux Mint is beating the Windows 10 free upgrade system.

Would I switch to Windows 10? No, as Linux Mint is much secure and fast. It never slows down as you use it — this is the main problem with almost any of the Windows versions. I cannot say much for Windows 8 and 10 as I never want to touch them any more. But as long as they do not change the hard disk file structure, the slowing down problem may never get solved.