101 Creative Long Names for Girls That Are Worth Every Syllable

From the very popular to the totally unique, and everything in-between

When it comes to the most popular baby names, for a while, the trend was to make them shorter. Quartz published a story about the "rise of the four-letter baby name," and the popularity of names like Cora and Luna seemed to prove the right.

But as with all things, baby name trends are cyclical, and it's looking more and more like that trend is reversing. Name lists are being filled with seven-letter-and-up, multi-syllable names that trip off the tongue like a song. If you're looking for long baby names for girls, we've dived into the data to find out which names are popular, which are up-and-coming and which ones are totally unique.

Most Popular Long Names for Girls

The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of the baby names that are used most often in the United States. In 2019, after a five-year reign, the four-letter name Emma was unseated by the longer, six-letter Olivia, which is still in the top spot. Does that mean winds of change are blowing in the direction of longer names? Only time will tell, but currently, these are the most popular long names for girls, according to the SSA.

  1. Charlotte
  2. Isabella
  3. Abigail
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Scarlett
  6. Eleanor
  7. Madison
  8. Penelope
  9. Victoria
  10. Lillian
  11. Addison
  12. Paisley
  13. Natalie
  14. Brooklyn
  15. Kinsley
  16. Genesis
  17. Aaliyah
  18. Madelyn
  19. Savannah
  20. Delilah
  21. Serenity
  22. Caroline
  23. Kennedy
  24. Valentina
  25. Gabriella
  26. Allison
  27. Natalia
  28. Josephine
  29. Samantha
  30. Leilani
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    These Long Names for Girls Are Getting More Popular

    The SSA also keeps a list of the names that have experienced the biggest jumps in popularity. While these haven't reached the highest ranks of the most popular names, expect to meet more and more kids with these long names in the future. The biggest climber, Avayah, jumped a whopping 1,546 places in rank!

    1. Avayah
    2. Denisse
    3. Rosalia
    4. Haisley
    5. Wrenley
    6. Marleigh
    7. Mazikeen
    8. Bellamy
    9. Oaklynn
    10. Giavanna
    11. Brynleigh
    12. Florence
    13. Nathalia
    14. Kamiyah
    15. Aubrielle
    16. Kataleya
    17. Ellianna
    18. Katalaya
    19. Persephone
    20. Marceline
    21. Clementine
    22. Magnolia
    23. Priscilla
    24. Estrella
    25. Francesca
    26. Esperanza
    27. Theodora
    28. Remington
    29. Everleigh
    30. Evangeline

      As you can see, lengthening a name by adding -lynn or -leigh seems to be a trend on the rise.

      Unique Long Name for Girls

      These long names for girls did not make the SSA's most recent list of the top 1,000 baby names, so yours will likely be the only one in the class with one of these monikers on their lunch box.

      1. Amethyst
      2. Antoinette
      3. Bernadette
      4. Carrington
      5. Chrysanthemum
      6. Domenica
      7. Eulalia
      8. Finnleigh
      9. Georgiana
      10. Hermione
      11. Imogene
      12. Kensington
      13. Lorraine
      14. Mathilda
      15. Mercedes
      16. Nicolette
      17. Olympia
      18. Philomena
      19. Prudence
      20. Rhiannon
      21. Rosalinda
      22. Rosamund
      23. Seraphinia
      24. Shoshana
      25. Strawberry
      26. Tennessee
      27. Vincenza
      28. Wilhelmina
      29. Yulianna
      30. Yasmeen
      31. Zipporah
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        Other Long Names for Girls

        Not too popular, not too obscure, these names are just right.

        1. Esmeralda
        2. Genevieve
        3. Gwendolyn
        4. Hadassah
        5. Jacqueline
        6. Juliette
        7. Magdalena
        8. Octavia
        9. Veronica
        10. Xiomara
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